Design & Manufacture

HRM brings you a wealth of experience and the ability to deal with every aspect of your design. We are able to bring over 30 years of designing to bear, successfully delivering projects through to manufacture and production.

Our in-house team can deal with all aspects of your requirements from the initial design concept, through its development and 3-D CAD design, management of toolmaking, initial sampling and prototyping, through to production.

  • Project Management
    Having once designed and developed your product HRM are committed to ensuring that all aspects of the project run as efficiently as possible.

    Each project is assigned with its own project leader to ensure that the customer has one point of contact throughout the tooling and development stage and through to the production of the product.
  • Tooling
    The tooling used in rotational moulding is produced from either steel or aluminium and is relatively low in cost when compared to tools for other processes such as blow or injection moulding.

    HRM will use only the best toolmakers available in Europe who offer the most effective cost, quality of tooling and the best realisation of the tool.
  • Materials
    Dependant on the product application a number of polymers are used including low, medium and high density Polyethylene, Plastomers, PE foams, Polypropylene and Nylon.

    A polymer can be found to meet almost any requirement for impact resistance, temperature stability, chemical resistance, colour, UV stability and durability. Recent developments in additive technology now allow us to produce mouldings of high performance for specialist applications such as V0 Fire Retardant, Anti-static/conductive and anti microbial/bacterial.

Tooling, materials and project management

  • Economic tooling costs
  • Stronger, lighter mouldings
  • Even wall thickness
  • Variety of surface finishes
  • Practically any colour
  • Design flexibility
  • Economical production
  • Extremely durable
  • Environmentally friendly
ISO 9001

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